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We are a team of innovation-driven professionals with a passion for law, business and optimization.

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We are a team of innovation-driven professionals with a passion for law, business and optimization.

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Our values

We strive to support an innovative ecosystem that empowers humankind, creativity and optimize the process with the help of technology. We do not dilute our focus with areas outside of the startup ecosystem.

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We care for our clients so we ensure fairness and 100% transparency during our cooperation.

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We care for our teammates and strive to create a meaningful and liberating work environment (e.g. we have started with our Parrent Suport Program)

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We care for general society by supporting a number of NGOs, such as Lepšia advokácia.


We disrupt the way how legal services are provided

Combining the Vacuum Group tech expertise and our legal knowledge allows us to build leading legal tech ventures

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End-to-end protection of your brand and automation of the trademark registration process provided through an online platform. Global protection of your brand has never been easier.

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Our blogs are part of the Sparring Playbook where you can find manuals, blogs, podcasts and free templates.

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The General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR“) and the California Consumer Protection Act 2018 (“CCPA“) have the same objective, which is to guarantee and provide adequate protection to individuals with respect to the processing of their personal data.

Tomáš Oršula

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Convertible Loan vs. Equity Round

The traditional way of entering into a company is to acquire a share. This approach requires the preparation of more extensive corporate documentation, costs more and takes longer. On the other hand, both parties know what they are getting into.

Majo Porvažník

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savvy podcast

Daniel Hastik On Startup Mergers, Acquisitions and Exits

New week, new Savvy with Sparring episode. This time Annabel spoke with Daniel Hastik, an experienced Founder and now a Technology Scout and Investment Partner from Nextech Ventures, to uncover mergers...

Annabel Pemberton

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